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The Future of Leadership 2014

Mastering Successful Leadership Mastering successful leadership is a massive ongoing focus and learning journey for many people and organisations. Guy recently graphic recorded some great leadership insights shared by a selection of senior business leaders and savvy thinkers at The … Read All

Graphic recording the ‘secrets of achievement’ at DOI 2013

Once again, I had the privilege of graphic recording the inspirational speeches from some of Australia’s most inspirational speakers at this year’s Day of Inspiration “Secrets of Achievement” – a stand out event raising much needed money, awareness and support … Read All


Datarati StopKeepStart 2014 – Visual Scribe Artist Timelapse video from TEN ALPHAS on Vimeo. Graphic recording at the Museum of Contemporary Art overlooking Sydney Harbour is a great way to start the day. And graphic recording a marketing event with … Read All

HP Software Forum

Insight 2014 Guy graphic recorded three HP Software Forums called “Insight 2014″. Held in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, the HP events provided the latest information for HP Software customers. As the graphic recorder, Guy’s role was to visually capture the … Read All

Graphic recording A Day of Inspiration

I had the privilege last week of being the graphic recorder atA Day of Inspiration, which is billed as one of Australia’s most inspiring corporate events. All my graphic recording posters of each key note speaker can be downloaded here for free. There are … Read All

Drawing out ideas: graphic recording

One of the important ingredients with graphic recording is listening intently to the meeting or workshop conversation and capturing the conversation using the words of the participants (as opposed to my own). I recently posted a story showing some of the icons … Read All

Pictures spark conversation and fresh thinking in business planning

One of the real advantages of graphic recording (or drawing meeting conversations as they happen on large posters) is that participants have the opportunity to stand back and see what they have been talking about. It allows businesses and organisations to … Read All

Anittel uses visual communication to share its company story

Anittel uses graphic recording to draw out business ideas Shares its vision with key stakeholders using a company ‘Journey Map’ Introduction: I’ve recently been working with Anittel, a national IT and Telecommunications company, using visual communication to help them create … Read All

Stepping into the ‘Innersphere’

Graphic recording for ING and experience dna Live Events Overview: Graphic recording at an intimate two-day closed door event, titled ‘Innersphere’ – an ongoing programme of CEO-level retreats created solely for ING’s executives and key distributors across Australia Event experience created … Read All

Helping Ogilvy PR Central team to think visually

The success of many communication businesses is also due to the critical people that work behind the scenes. External clients may never see them — but a successful business can’t do without them. For me, this encapsulates the Ogilvy PR Central … Read All