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Helping those who help

The Growth Project is a non-profit organisation that supports small, successful charities to maximise their impact on the world. They do this through development programs for charity leaders that help grow their knowledge, skills and leadership potential.

The Growth Project turned to me to turn their story into a short and engaging 2 minute video scribe animation, which is now front and centre on their website homepage.

The Growth Project is supported by two founding partners (Commonwealth Bank and The Saunders Family) as well as being backed by many other leading organisations who provide valuable support.

IPAA shares the story about Federation reform

Federation reform can be complicated. In the lead up to the 2015 IPAA National Conference, I worked with the IPAA team to create a 2 minute video scribe animation to help people get informed about this fast evolving area as well as raise awareness about the event. The Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) is the nationwide professional association for those involved in public administration.

Speaking of my work, Jo Rose, Director Digital at IPAA NSW Division, said: “Guy has a unique ability to comprehend and represent complex issues in a simple and accessible manner. He was a pleasure to deal with through all stages of production of our video. I highly recommend using his services.”

Doing Good by Doing Good

It has been an absolute pleasure and honour to work with Peter Baines recently to illustrate his latest book, Doing Good by Doing Good (published by Wiley).

Just like his powerful ‘stop you in your tracks’ speeches and presentations (which I have had the luck to graphic record on several occasions), Peter’s book had a wealth of compelling stories, ideas and insights which made it a joy to illustrate.

Peter Baines in-store with his new book

Peter Baines in-store with his new book

What’s the book about? Doing Good by Doing Good looks at how an organisation’s corporate social responsibility program can both improve the lives of the community and grow a bottom line. It offers a proven plan for implementing an effective strategy that can help organisations transform the communities they work with, while also bringing innovation and growth to their business. Filled with illustrative case studies from organisations around the globe, it shows how these companies have increased morale and engagement, improved brand awareness, engaged new customers and delivered strong economic returns. For more information and to see some of my illustrations from the book go to:



To find out more about Peter and the amazing work he does in leadership, CSR and charity, go to:

Capturing the Future of Leadership

FOL2014_Peter Baines

Peter Baines, founder, Hands Across the Water, speaking on leadership and shared value

Mastering successful leadership is a massive ongoing focus and learning journey for many people and organisations. I recently graphic recorded some great leadership insights shared by a selection of senior business leaders and savvy thinkers at The Future of Leadership in Brisbane. This was an engaging full day with over 400 attendees designed to help the audience stay one step ahead and look at what’s next in leadership. I graphic recorded speeches by Darren Hill, Peter Baines, Will Dayble and Jen Jackson. There are a couple of my graphic recording posters here but you can also view and download the full set on Alison Hill’s website (who was the MC on the day). 100% of all funds raised from the day went to a great cause: Hands Across the Water.

FOL2014_Darren Hill

Darren Hill, business strategist and behavioural scientist, discusses leadership trends

FOL2014_my boards in the venue

Before kick-off: my graphic recording area at the Brisbane Convention Centre

FOL2014_crowds and posters

FOL2014 conference attendees look at my posters and take pictures

Graphic recording powerful stories at ‘A Day of Inspiration 2014’

Paul de Gelder - Navy Diver

Paul de Gelder – Navy Diver: graphic recording poster

I’ve been involved as the graphic recorder at the Tour De Cure’s Day of Inspiration “Secrets of Achievement” for three years now and the event and the speakers seem to get better and better. With inspirational speeches from some of Australia’s best speakers, the one day event helps raise much needed money, awareness and support in the fight against cancer. I graphic recorded absolutely ‘knock out’ speeches from the likes of Paul de Gelder (Navy diver/shark attack survivor), Dr Charlie Teo (world famous neurosurgeon) and Cosentino (the grand illusionist) among others.

Here are some of my graphic recording posters (which were all about 4ft x 3ft in size and covered speeches that lasted 20-30 minutes). To see more detail, they can also be downloaded in full at the Day of Inspiration website – just go to the Mind Map sections at the bottom left of the main page.

Dr Charlie Teo - Neurosurgeon

Dr Charlie Teo: graphic recording poster

Cosentino - Grand Illusionist

New NUW video scribe animation with sound and animation FX

Following on from the first video scribe animation two years ago, I recently created a new video scribe animation for the National Union of Workers (NUW). The video scribe animation continued the NUW “Jobs You Can Count On” campaign and storyline on a topical issue in Australia: job security and the casualisation of the workforce. However, the new video scribe animation was created with several new dynamics. Firstly, the animation was developed as one whole story made up of three key sections, which could be edited in post production so each section could also be a ‘stand alone’ video scribe animation. Using a sketch book style approach with ‘page turns’ helped achieve this. Plus, this latest video scribe animation included props, sound tracks, sound effects and animation effects. The audio features the voice overs of Tim Kennedy, Victorian Branch Secretary, NUW and an NUW employee. If you watch it, make sure you watch it on full screen and turn your device volume up for full effect.

Here is one of the video scribe animation sections edited as a stand alone and individual story:

Unpacking Place & Pedagogy…with pen and paper

Graphic recording using illustration, colour and words to capture key ideas.

Graphic recording using illustration, colour and words to capture key ideas.

Here’s some of my graphic recording work from an event at The Institute of Early Childhood at Macquarie University, titled: “Unpacking Place, Pedagogy and Documentation”. Led by Semann & Slatery and the institute, the event unpacked ideas around the educational experience of Reggio Emilia in Australian and international contexts and to build on known understandings and challenge assumptions. My graphic recording poster above captures five different presentations and the subtle colouring and shading per section (e.g. purple, green, blue, pink and orange) helps group the graphic recording content.

It was fantastic to graphic record presentations by thought leaders in this space such as Janet Robertson, Dr Stefania Giamminuti, Kirsty Liljegren, Anthony Semann, Associate Professor Karen Martin and Associate Professor Alma Fleet among others.

Unpacking_viewing the graphic recording posters

Delegates taking snaps of my work as it evolves on their smart phones and devices.

Graphic recording at HP Software Forum: Insight 2014

My graphic recording poster from the HP Software Canberra Forum plenary. Click on the image to increase its size.

My graphic recording poster from the HP Software Canberra Forum plenary. Click on the image to increase its size.

I recently graphic recorded three HP Software Forums called “Insight 2014”. Held in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, the HP events provided the latest information for HP Software customers. As the graphic recorder, my role was to visually capture the key points and themes from the main presentation on “Connected Intelligence: the New Style of IT”. My posters were shared on the HP Software online forum so that attendees had a visual and engaging memory tool from the event that could trigger memories, help them remember key insights but also spark new thinking.  You can see a photo of the venue room below with my graphic recording work station in the left hand corner.

My graphic recording work station can be seen to the left of the main stage.

My graphic recording work station can be seen to the left of the main stage.

Painting a story for Calrossy Pre-school

Stories come in all shapes and sizes. I recently painted a large-scale educational mural for Calrossy Pre-school in Tamworth, NSW, which is one feature in a fantastic new ‘discovery’ garden where the children can explore, play and interact with and learn about nature. With the story of a sailing boat race in Sydney Harbour as the core thread through the middle of the painting, the bright and eye-catching mural plays out stories below and above the surface of the ocean. The level of detail was intentional to draw the viewer’s eye into the many underlying messages and ‘stories within the story’ to help spark interest, learning, imagination and, above all, little moments of joy.

Graphic recording at StopKeepStart 2014

Datarati StopKeepStart 2014 – Visual Scribe Artist Timelapse video from TEN ALPHAS on Vimeo.

Graphic recording at the Museum of Contemporary Art overlooking Sydney Harbour is a great way to start the day. And graphic recording a marketing event with a unique twist and stand out format made it even more interesting.

Marketing automation company, Datarati, invited over 80 clients for a workshop breakfast to discuss what they were going to Stop, Keep and Start doing in 2014 around four pillars of marketing. The findings were then presented for an hour to the room and to a live webcast audience.

My role was to graphic record the findings presentation and panel discussion. It was fast paced, reflected in my ‘insight loaded’ graphic recording poster. Here’s a time lapse video of me graphic recording during the event. The video of the findings and my final graphic recording poster can be seen at Thanks to production company Ten Alphas for inviting me to graphic record the session.