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Mapping better health pathways for the population

Video scribe animations can be a great way to share detailed stories in a fast-paced and visually engaging manner. We recently did exactly this to help broadcast the important work being carried out by The Australian Geospatial Health Lab (AGeoH-L) in Australia and beyond.

AGeoH-L will map the way forward for a healthier population, drawing on a combination of geospatially-expressed environmental and health data to improve overall population health and wellness. The Lab’s ground-breaking approach will provide insight into and analysis of population health patterns, supporting healthier lifestyles and helping to prevent chronic illness – which will ultimately reduce demand on hospitals and the health system in the future. The Lab is the result of a partnership between the University of Canberra and Esri Australia, the global leader in the Geographic Information System (GIS) technology underpinning its work. For more information, please visit:

In terms of the video scribe animation development, once the script and voice over had been created by the AGeoH-L team, we devised a series of hand drawn storyboards which in turn came to life as the final video scribe animation when we filmed live in the studio. One of the key aim’s of the animation was to drive curiosity and get viewers leaning forward so we used a selection of digital animation and sound effects in post production to help achieve this.