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Using a Rich Picture to talk about learning and change

Rich Picture - Soji Learning & Change
Soji Learning & Change engaged my illustration skills to help create a Rich Picture (also sometimes known as a Journey, Strategy or Purpose Map). The image brings to life the work Soji does, how they partner with clients and what is most important to them. My role was to take the information and ideas generated from an internal Soji team rich picture development session and turn it into a clean, engaging and eye-catching illustration that could be used as a platform for discussion and storytelling. Soji uses the image to spark discussion with clients and partners as well as internally to anchor behaviours and routines and keep things that are most important top of mind.

Discussing the concept, Jarrod Siegertsz, co-founder at Soji, said: “We couldn’t think of a better metaphor for learning and change than a botanic garden. A garden full of growth, opportunity and complexity. We see that every situation is unique, just like the various plants and habitats in the three distinct zones in the image – a Japanese Garden, a Rose Garden and a Rain forest. These three gardens signify the areas we predominantly work in: developing leaders (Japanese Garden), aligning strategy (Rose Garden) and shaping culture (Rain forest).” For more information on Soji, please visit: