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Your story matters – now more than ever

Story Builder refreshes the TPRM story

In times of massive change, sharing your story in a compelling way is more important than ever. After all, your story is unique. It deserves to be told in a unique way.

Maybe you need to stay visible. Spark conversations. Share ideas. Get people curious about how your organisation, product or service can help them. Guide people to places where they can learn more and get more information. All these are critical steps to keep your story fresh and at the forefront of people’s minds, especially now.

We’ve just launched a new, responsive story animation product called ‘Story Builder’. Created remotely by our specialist team, we can help clients share their story online with a simple and engaging animated drawing. It packs a story of up to 2 minutes with an array of illustrations and eye-catching effects – all on a single page. Critically, it can be developed quickly for you, using our story development process, script writer, illustrator and post production specialists.

With ‘Story Builder’, we can also provide you with a standalone, final image of the full black and white drawing. So, as well as the engaging animation, you will have a static picture to use as visual communication tool (often known as a ‘Journey Map’ or ‘Strategy Map’). You can use it as a discussion starter and for storytelling – with external clients and partners, or internally with your people around strategic direction, behaviours and routines.

The example above was created for the Australian company TPRM Risk + Fire. As Risk & Fire Management specialists, TPRM wanted to refresh their story – and re-connect with clients, partners and suppliers in a unique way.

The animation will help TPRM in several ways:

  • By playing on their website
  • Through use in presentations and video conferences, and
  • Via email distribution.

In future, TPRM plans to use the single, printed image in conversations with clients to help explore what they need or value most. The picture will be used internally to help their team focus on their “what, who, how and why”.

Greg Wakeham, the Managing Director at TPRM Risk + Fire takes up the story: “We love the animation and static picture as it gives us a unique way to share our story and stand out in the marketplace. I also feel the real value happened in the development process and the personal input Guy and his team delivered when helping us think about our story. Guy’s team has a way of listening to people talk about their business and then help them achieve real clarity around their messaging. I think that is just as important as the end product itself”.

The static drawing helps TPRM spark conversations

The static drawing helps TPRM spark conversations

If you’re keen to learn more about the Story Builder product, process and pricing, please contact me at