About Guy

Who is Guy?

Guy Downes is an independent visual communications consultant whose work helps organisations connect and engage with the audiences that matter to them using a range of techniques such as:

  • Graphic recording (also known as live scribing or visual note taking)
  • Video scribe animations
  • Journey Maps
  • Illustration
  • Cartoons and doodles

What difference can Guy provide?

Guy is totally focused on visual communications, combining his visual and artistic expertise with his 10 years international communications experience.

Guy provides a tailor-made offering that helps organisations draw attention to the story they need to tell, whether it’s a change process, a vision, a strategy, a new product or service or even a burning issue or opportunity.

What benefits can Guy deliver?

With many people‚Äôs preference being for visual learning, Guy’s expertise can help:

  • Share stories
  • Capture attention
  • Quicken understanding
  • Humanise complex concepts
  • Drive engagement
  • Spark conversation and fresh thinking

Where do Guy’s skills get used?

Guy helps companies regularly in the following areas:

  • People, performance and culture
  • Employee engagement
  • Strategy and business planning
  • Sales and marketing
  • Internal and external communications
  • Company off-sites
  • Conferences