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Doing Good by Doing Good

It has been an absolute pleasure and honour to work with Peter Baines recently to illustrate his latest book, Doing Good by Doing Good (published by Wiley).

Just like his powerful ‘stop you in your tracks’ speeches and presentations (which I have had the luck to graphic record on several occasions), Peter’s book had a wealth of compelling stories, ideas and insights which made it a joy to illustrate.

Peter Baines in-store with his new book

Peter Baines in-store with his new book

What’s the book about? Doing Good by Doing Good looks at how an organisation’s corporate social responsibility program can both improve the lives of the community and grow a bottom line. It offers a proven plan for implementing an effective strategy that can help organisations transform the communities they work with, while also bringing innovation and growth to their business. Filled with illustrative case studies from organisations around the globe, it shows how these companies have increased morale and engagement, improved brand awareness, engaged new customers and delivered strong economic returns. For more information and to see some of my illustrations from the book go to:



To find out more about Peter and the amazing work he does in leadership, CSR and charity, go to: