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Capturing the Future of Leadership

FOL2014_Peter Baines

Peter Baines, founder, Hands Across the Water, speaking on leadership and shared value

Mastering successful leadership is a massive ongoing focus and learning journey for many people and organisations. I recently graphic recorded some great leadership insights shared by a selection of senior business leaders and savvy thinkers at The Future of Leadership in Brisbane. This was an engaging full day with over 400 attendees designed to help the audience stay one step ahead and look at what’s next in leadership. I graphic recorded speeches by Darren Hill, Peter Baines, Will Dayble and Jen Jackson. There are a couple of my graphic recording posters here but you can also view and download the full set on Alison Hill’s website (who was the MC on the day). 100% of all funds raised from the day went to a great cause: Hands Across the Water.

FOL2014_Darren Hill

Darren Hill, business strategist and behavioural scientist, discusses leadership trends

FOL2014_my boards in the venue

Before kick-off: my graphic recording area at the Brisbane Convention Centre

FOL2014_crowds and posters

FOL2014 conference attendees look at my posters and take pictures