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Graphic recording powerful stories at ‘A Day of Inspiration 2014’

Paul de Gelder - Navy Diver

Paul de Gelder – Navy Diver: graphic recording poster

I’ve been involved as the graphic recorder at the Tour De Cure’s Day of Inspiration “Secrets of Achievement” for three years now and the event and the speakers seem to get better and better. With inspirational speeches from some of Australia’s best speakers, the one day event helps raise much needed money, awareness and support in the fight against cancer. I graphic recorded absolutely ‘knock out’ speeches from the likes of Paul de Gelder (Navy diver/shark attack survivor), Dr Charlie Teo (world famous neurosurgeon) and Cosentino (the grand illusionist) among others.

Here are some of my graphic recording posters (which were all about 4ft x 3ft in size and covered speeches that lasted 20-30 minutes). To see more detail, they can also be downloaded in full at the Day of Inspiration website – just go to the Mind Map sections at the bottom left of the main page.

Dr Charlie Teo - Neurosurgeon

Dr Charlie Teo: graphic recording poster

Cosentino - Grand Illusionist