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AFR BOSS Roundtable: The secrets of innovation

My illustration kicks off the AFR BOSS article

My illustration kicks off the AFR BOSS article

Today’s AFR BOSS features my graphic recording and follow-up illustration work from a recent fantastic roundtable discussion and subsequent article on “The Secrets of Innovation”. Speakers included thought leaders from ARUP, Jumptank, Aegis, SBS, Cap Gemini, UTS, Australian Design Centre and GE. My role included being the graphic recorder (or ‘visual note-taker’) on the day and you can see a photo of me within the article in action capturing the essence of the discussion in pictures on a large poster. I listened intently to the discussion and drew ‘live’ the big ideas, issues, opportunities and broad themes that were being covered in the discussion – the result being a 2.5m x 1m poster, which acts as a creative visual record and group memory tool to spark further thinking, ideas and conversation beyond the roundtable. I then worked with the editor of AFR BOSS, Joanne Gray, to distil the best points from my graphic recording poster into an illustration for inclusion in the article. The roundtable took place at the wonderful Object Gallery in Sydney.

AFR BOSS_illustration close up_Guy Downes

A close up of my illustration in AFR BOSS today

AFR BOSS panel_graphic recording poster_Guy Downes

My graphic recording poster (2.5m x 1m) capturing the essence of the discussion at the event.

AFR BOSS_detail_Guy Downes

The middle photo shows me graphic recording just to the side of the panel discussion

The Object Gallery_panel table and graphic recording poster

The venue beforehand with my graphic recording poster on the back wall

AFR BOSS Innovation Roundtable_web_Guy Downes

The AFR BOSS website with a small icon of my illustration to draw attention to the article