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Graphic recording at StopKeepStart 2014

Datarati StopKeepStart 2014 – Visual Scribe Artist Timelapse video from TEN ALPHAS on Vimeo.

Graphic recording at the Museum of Contemporary Art overlooking Sydney Harbour is a great way to start the day. And graphic recording a marketing event with a unique twist and stand out format made it even more interesting.

Marketing automation company, Datarati, invited over 80 clients for a workshop breakfast to discuss what they were going to Stop, Keep and Start doing in 2014 around four pillars of marketing. The findings were then presented for an hour to the room and to a live webcast audience.

My role was to graphic record the findings presentation and panel discussion. It was fast paced, reflected in my ‘insight loaded’ graphic recording poster. Here’s a time lapse video of me graphic recording during the event. The video of the findings and my final graphic recording poster can be seen at Thanks to production company Ten Alphas for inviting me to graphic record the session.