Make your content more captivating with cartoons and illustrations

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This photo shows a good sample of books, magazines and journals where my pre-drawn or bespoke cartoons and illustrations have been used recently. Cartoons can captivate, add clarity, pose questions or simply help make people smile. Consider using cartoons in … Read All

Are you having ‘the conversation before the conversation’ in your family business?

Together with leadership consultant, Lee Williams from Infinity Leadership, we recently launched a new service called ‘The Conversation before the Conversation’. Healthy conversations are vital within every family business and our new service offers clients a facilitated and creative workshop … Read All

Unpacking Place & Pedagogy…with pen and paper

Here’s some of my graphic recording work from an event at The Institute of Early Childhood at Macquarie University, titled: “Unpacking Place, Pedagogy and Documentation”. Led by Semann & Slatery and the institute, the event unpacked ideas around the educational experience of … Read All

Graphic recording at HP Software Forum: Insight 2014

I recently graphic recorded three HP Software Forums called “Insight 2014”. Held in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, the HP events provided the latest information for HP Software customers. As the graphic recorder, my role was to visually capture the key points and themes from … Read All

Graphic recording at StopKeepStart 2014

Datarati StopKeepStart 2014 – Visual Scribe Artist Timelapse video from TEN ALPHAS on Vimeo. Graphic recording at the Museum of Contemporary Art overlooking Sydney Harbour is a great way to start the day. And graphic recording a marketing event with … Read All

AFR BOSS Roundtable: The secrets of innovation

Today’s AFR BOSS features my graphic recording and follow-up illustration work from a recent fantastic roundtable discussion and subsequent article on “The Secrets of Innovation”. Speakers included thought leaders from ARUP, Jumptank, Aegis, SBS, Cap Gemini, UTS, Australian Design Centre and GE. My … Read All

Making wine simple

Holding the highest wine qualification, John Downes is one of only 300 Masters of Wine in the world. With 20 years experience as a wine entertainer, broadcaster and journalist, this short video scribe animation I created tells you more about his mission … Read All

The Holy Trinity of public relations: illustrations

I recently contributed two illustrations to Craig Pearce Strategic Communication’s latest white paper titled: The Holy Trinity of public relations: thought leadership, 3rd party credibiilty, strategic alliances.

Graphic recording A Day of Inspiration

I had the privilege last week of being the graphic recorder atA Day of Inspiration, which is billed as one of Australia’s most inspiring corporate events. All my graphic recording posters of each key note speaker can be downloaded here for free. There are … Read All


“My Time, Our Place” Working closely with the team at Network of Community Activities, Guy created this bright, energetic and activity filled poster for the National Out of School Hours Services Association (NOSHSA). The My Time, Our Place – Framework for School … Read All

Cartoons for Canon ‘Change or be left behind’ research

Canon Business Imaging Australia recently released a research report titled: ‘Change or be left behind’. According to Canon, ‘change is something that the majority of Australian businesses strive for yet find difficult to achieve’. The research examined Australian businesses’ approach … Read All

Kellogg turns to Twitter

As reported in mUmBRELLA, “Kellogg is looking for an agency to handle its public relations, and is using Twitter to aid its search in what the brand believes is the first time the medium has been used for this purpose”. … Read All

Cartooning for a global PR report

Back in March, I contributed three cartoons to a PR thought leadership report co-ordinated by Craig Pearce and titled: Public relations 2011: issues, insights and ideas. My cartoons supported three of the articles that discussed PR education, PR and CSR and … Read All

Drawing the steepest water slide at sea

If you want to send your pulse racing, Carnival Cruise Lines has the answer: the steepest water slide at sea. Commissioned by Pulse Communications, I was asked to draw an artist impression of the slide for the recent media launch … Read All

Drawing out ideas: graphic recording

One of the important ingredients with graphic recording is listening intently to the meeting or workshop conversation and capturing the conversation using the words of the participants (as opposed to my own). I recently posted a story showing some of the icons … Read All

Case study: zooming in on creative ideas for Intel Asia Pacific

Developed ‘blue print’ illustrations to inspire an Intel Atom netbook photo shoot – final photos offered to consumer media in Asia Pacific during holiday season build-up Issue: The build up to the holiday season at the end of the year is … Read All

Pictures spark conversation and fresh thinking in business planning

A photo of me speedily graphic recording at an organisation's leadership workshop

One of the real advantages of graphic recording (or drawing meeting conversations as they happen on large posters) is that participants have the opportunity to stand back and see what they have been talking about. It allows businesses and organisations to … Read All

Microsoft Australia

Mr Fix I.T. (the everyday hero for small business) Guy illustrated a light hearted storybook about how SMBs could take advantage of Microsoft Online Services. Set in the fictional town of Mosworth, the simple storybook recounted the story of Mr … Read All

Case study: Mr Fix I.T. – the everyday hero for small business

Cartoon storybook highlights how computing can be simple for small to medium sized businesses with Microsoft Online Services Issue: Australia’s small to medium sized business (SMBs) owners are busy people. So, finding the time to understand, select and get the … Read All

Anittel uses visual communication to share its company story

Anittel uses graphic recording to draw out business ideas Shares its vision with key stakeholders using a company ‘Journey Map’ Introduction: I’ve recently been working with Anittel, a national IT and Telecommunications company, using visual communication to help them create … Read All

What type of digital media consumer are you?

Working with the Edelman Technology PR team in London, I recently illustrated what the types of people using (and not using) digital media may look like. My three fictional cartoon characters accompanied a survey press release by HP PSG on digital media evolution and … Read All

Stepping into the ‘Innersphere’

Graphic recording for ING and experience dna Live Events Overview: Graphic recording at an intimate two-day closed door event, titled ‘Innersphere’ – an ongoing programme of CEO-level retreats created solely for ING’s executives and key distributors across Australia Event experience created … Read All

Presenting business ideas with a picture, not PowerPoint

Drawing business ideas using words, images and colour can help make the process of communication clearer, quicker and more visible to a key audience. This can be useful in business settings when it’s important to sell an idea or proposal in a fresh … Read All

Engineers make it so!

I recently completed a series of 11 original cartoons for the Engineers Australia ‘Make it so’ campaign. My illustrations were based on the notion that engineers and engineering teams ‘make it so’ by listening to what people want and communities … Read All

Cartoons instead of words: Lion Nathan internal presentation

Working with Impact Employee Communications earlier this year, I was commissioned to help turn the content of a ‘word-heavy’ powerpoint presentation (that a Lion Nathan senior executive was giving to a large internal audience) into cartoon strip-style illustrations. The objective was to … Read All

Informatica D.I. Patrol: saving CIOs drowning in data!

About six months ago while at Howorth (an Ogilvy PR company), I was thrown a dream and ‘carte blanche’ illustration brief by Luca Penati and his Ogilvy PR Tech Practice team in San Francisco. I was given the opportunity to humanise and ‘bring … Read All

Helping Ogilvy PR Central team to think visually

The success of many communication businesses is also due to the critical people that work behind the scenes. External clients may never see them — but a successful business can’t do without them. For me, this encapsulates the Ogilvy PR Central … Read All

Premiere Global Services infographic: drive your business to success

Thanks to an introduction from Ogilvy PR Singapore, I was introduced to their fantastic Premiere Global Services (PGS) local team. PGS had recently introduced The InBox Series as a one-stop resource website where Marketers can subscribe and receive monthly white … Read All

Airds OutLOUD!: graphic recording for community engagement

Airds OutLOUD! was a large scale Housing NSW community renewal event held in Airds, near Campbelltown in July 2009. Straight Talk, a leading specialist consultancy in community engagement (and great team to work with), hired me to graphic record several … Read All

BBCi Live Chat Studio launch: wall design

I worked on the launch of the BBCi Live Chat Studio (The Strand, London) in 2002 and was given the open brief to decorate the inside creative space (which was viewable by passers-by from the street) in a way that … Read All

Ogilvy PR office move: ‘Welcome Guide’

The Ogilvy PR family of specialist communication businesses moved ‘north’ with the majority of other Ogilvy and STW companies in July 2008. My illustrations played an important role in one key element of this move for Ogilvy PR – the internal communications. It was … Read All

BMC Software: APAC illustrated eDM campaign

Following on from the success of ‘The Adventures of Mark & Greg’ technology leadership book, BMC Software decided to use the characters for an email direct marketing (eDM) campaign across the Asia Pacific region. Using a tightly worded script, I created eight illustrations … Read All

Ogilvy PR APAC regional conference: presentation illustrations

I was commissioned by John Studdert, managing director, Ogilvy PR Worldwide Australia to create three illustrations to accompany his key note presentation at a 2008 Ogilvy PR regional conference. The objective was to depict three scenarios where a consumer is … Read All

BMC Software: ‘The Adventures of Mark & Greg’ book

Technology jargon regularly helps people fall asleep. BMC Software recognised that IT language can sometimes have the opposite desired effect when describing campaigns, products or services. So, to remedy this BMC Software crafted two central characters with everyday problems to spearhead a … Read All

BMC Software: ‘The Continuing Adventures of Mark & Greg’ book

Thanks to the massive success of the first BMC Software ‘The Adventures of Mark and Greg’, the BMC Software marketing team decided to do it all again. It was great to bring my characters back to life in a new story. … Read All

Parker & Partners: invite follow up

After the 2007 election when Labor had secured victory, I followed up my initial Parker & Partner Christmas invite illustration with the actual outcome  of the tussle to be ‘The Emperor’. ‘Kevin 07’ had become a reality. This cartoon illustration was posted … Read All

Your Health newsletter: I love my GP

I was invited to pitch some illustration ideas to Your Health newsletter thanks to the (inspirational) Richard Sauerman This is my illustration that made the cut for the newsletter’s direct marketing campaign to GP’s across Australia. It’s one I … Read All

Your Health

“Our Family GP Cares” Working for Your Health newsletter, my illustration featured on a direct marketing postcard mailed out to GPs. The aim was to create an eye-catching illustration that stood out when it landed on the GP’s desk.