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Anittel uses visual communication to share its company story

  • Anittel uses graphic recording to draw out business ideas
  • Shares its vision with key stakeholders using a company ‘Journey Map’


I’ve recently been working with Anittel, a national IT and Telecommunications company, using visual communication to help them create a common language and catalyst for both internal and external business communication.

Following a period of expansion and acquisitions, which brought together new team members, skills and cultures, Anittel’s CEO, Ilkka Tales, and senior management team were keen to visualise their collective thinking to help identify key opportunities, focus areas and ideas that could drive the business forward.

The work:

As a visual communication consultant, I was brought in to work on two specific phases.

  • Phase one – graphic recording: firstly, to graphic record a senior leadership workshop where the new company leaders gathered to discuss ideas and thinking around the company priorities, opportunities and challenges.

My graphic recording posters in the background of the leadership team workshop

  • Phase two – Journey Map creation: secondly, to use the most important ideas from the graphic recording content as the foundation for developing a Journey Map, which uses a themed picture (full of visual language, metaphors and images) to highlight the direction, priorities, values and vision of the company in a quick, engaging and compelling manner.

The Anittel Journey Map in full colour

An express train and journey theme was chosen as the creative concept for Anittel’s map. Key elements along the track and dotted throughout the landscape acted as visual metaphors for the most important elements that must be acted upon and remembered if the company is to achieve its objectives.

The Journey Map was coloured in phases, moving from B&W to full colour in stages, to help focus the map’s ‘story teller’ on key initiatives and in their order of importance.  The coloured phasing also helped to ‘build’ the company story as the Journey Map was explained and re-told.

The Anittel Journey Map in simple black & white: the point where the storytelling starts

The first phase of colour appears on the Journey Map and sparks the story and picture into life

The second phase of colour appears and shifts focus to the next key company initiative

The story continues as the picture begins to fill with more colour and the story moves to a new section

The Journey Map picture and story continues to unfold, helping the viewer/audience get a visual snapshot of the organisation's priorities

The Journey Map's visual language helps to build a common communication platform for engagement, understanding and sharing the company vision

The Journey Map act as a daily reminder of the company vision and how to get there in a creative, easy-to-understand and engaging manner

The results:

How Anittel used the graphic recording posters:

  • The posters were on display at a Board Meeting to build a better understanding among Board members of the senior team’s views on the company, key initiatives, issues and opportunities.
  • The posters were digitally photographed and included in a Powerpoint presentation so that the ideas and discussion captured at the senior leadership workshop could ‘live on’ in the business well after the event.

Graphic recording helps capture conversations as they happen so people can stand back and 'see what they mean' as well as the discussion 'bigger picture'

How Anittel has been using the company Journey Map:

  • The senior leadership team presented the Journey Maps to their teams nationally and shared the ‘story within the picture’ to introduce a common platform on the business’s main objectives, challenges, priorities and how they would navigate its future journey.
  • All employees have been given the Journey Map either as a screen saver or as a desk-side poster to act as a daily reminder of the company vision and how to travel towards success.
  • The senior leadership team has regularly used the Journey Map in meetings with external stakeholders to share the ‘big picture’ of Anittel’s vision in a quick, engaging and creative way.

“Guy has really helped us develop a common communication platform that lets us share our company story with all types of people. The Journey Map has been fantastic for employees to picture our approach and journey ahead.  We also use the Map when talking to key external stakeholders, such as partners, investors, suppliers, to introduce them to the ‘who, what, how and why’ behind the company. The project has been invaluable for us as a communications tool for staff and customers.”
 Ilkka Tales, CEO, Anittel