Anittel uses visual communication to share its company story

Anittel uses graphic recording to draw out business ideas Shares its vision with key stakeholders using a company ‘Journey Map’ Introduction: I’ve recently been working with Anittel, a national IT and Telecommunications company, using visual communication to help them create … Read All

Presenting business ideas with a picture, not PowerPoint

Drawing business ideas using words, images and colour can help make the process of communication clearer, quicker and more visible to a key audience. This can be useful in business settings when it’s important to sell an idea or proposal in a fresh … Read All

Premiere Global Services infographic: drive your business to success

Thanks to an introduction from Ogilvy PR Singapore, I was introduced to their fantastic Premiere Global Services (PGS) local team. PGS had recently introduced The InBox Series as a one-stop resource website where Marketers can subscribe and receive monthly white … Read All