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Case study: Mr Fix I.T. – the everyday hero for small business

Cartoon storybook highlights how computing can be simple for small to medium sized businesses with Microsoft Online Services

A collection of the printed cartoon storybooks


  • Australia’s small to medium sized business (SMBs) owners are busy people. So, finding the time to understand, select and get the best from their computing technology can be difficult.  However, it’s their IT that can make one of the greatest positive impacts to their business.


  • The challenge lay in finding a quick, entertaining yet simple and educational way to shine the light on the benefits and advantages cloud computing (also known as Internet based computing or online services) can bring to SMBs.


  • In today’s society, where people appear to be overloaded with information and seemingly with less time than ever before, storytelling with engaging imagery can be an important communication tool. 


  • Working closely with Howorth, a business to business, consumer technology and enterprise technology public relations agency in Sydney, I recently helped illustrate a creative, fun and educational storybook that underscored how SMBs could take advantage of Microsoft Online Services (Howorth’s client).
  • Set in the fictional town of Mosworth, the simple-to-read illustrated storybook recounted the story of Mr Fix I.T., the town’s friendly and in-demand computer expert, who helped a cross section of the town’s SMB owners with simple, cost-effective and no-fuss answers to their computing problems using Microsoft Online Services.
  • My illustrations showed the characters ‘before’ (think: worried, stressed, overloaded) and ‘after’ (think: happy, productive, organised) Mr Fix I.T. had implemented Microsoft Online Services for their businesses.
  • The booklet was balanced with the creative illustrated story as well as product information on the Microsoft Online Services suite, customer testimonials and a free 30 day opt-in trial for readers.

Campaign results:

  • Microsoft Australia printed over 3,000 colour copies of the A5 Mr Fix I.T. storybook, which were distributed to SMB customers, partners and media.

The booklet front cover illustration: Mr Fix I.T. with the story characters

Project responsibilities:

My role involved:

  • Working closely with the Howorth team to brainstorm and develop ideas that could be converted into a storybook highlighting the benefits of Microsoft Online Services;
  • Helping provide feedback and ideas on the storybook script developed by Howorth; and
  • Bringing-to-life the story and characters through hand-drawn illustrations using Black & White ink and traditional colour pencils.

The busy and in-demand Mr Fix I.T.

“Guy is a talented illustrator and he has really helped us bring to life the benefits Microsoft Online Services delivers to SMB customers. He has been great to work with, plus he really ‘gets’ complex technology and business issues and knows how to humanise them”.

Marie-Claire Suter, Senior Account Director, Howorth

The bustling town of Mosworth

Kelly, the accountant, before discovering Microsoft Online Services

Cool, calm and collected: Kelly after finding Microsoft Online Services

Steve, the textile manufacturer. A happy man thanks to Microsoft Online Services.

The booklets with a few open pages

Netbook, smartphone, notepad, coffee and Mr Fix I.T.

*Disclosure: I used to work at Howorth before launching my own visual communication practice.