Welcome to Mosworth

Welcome to Mosworth – this is one of my favourite illustrations that I created last year for a Microsoft Online Services booklet. The picture is full of colour, activity and things to look at.  The story booklet (called: “Mr Fix I.T. – the … Read All

Microsoft Australia

Mr Fix I.T. (the everyday hero for small business) Guy illustrated a light hearted storybook about how SMBs could take advantage of Microsoft Online Services. Set in the fictional town of Mosworth, the simple storybook recounted the story of Mr … Read All

Case study: Mr Fix I.T. – the everyday hero for small business

Cartoon storybook highlights how computing can be simple for small to medium sized businesses with Microsoft Online Services Issue: Australia’s small to medium sized business (SMBs) owners are busy people. So, finding the time to understand, select and get the … Read All

Microsoft at GSM World Congress: media invite cartoon

Getting cut-through with in-demand technology media in the UK can be a (very) hard slog. To help the Microsoft Windows Mobile PR team at Miller/Shandwick Technology (now Weber Shandwick) capture the attention of media they were targetting for GSM World Congress 2001, I created … Read All