BMC Software: APAC illustrated eDM campaign

Following on from the success of ‘The Adventures of Mark & Greg’ technology leadership book, BMC Software decided to use the characters for an email direct marketing (eDM) campaign across the Asia Pacific region. Using a tightly worded script, I created eight illustrations … Read All

BMC Software: ‘The Adventures of Mark & Greg’ book

Technology jargon regularly helps people fall asleep. BMC Software recognised that IT language can sometimes have the opposite desired effect when describing campaigns, products or services. So, to remedy this BMC Software crafted two central characters with everyday problems to spearhead a … Read All

BMC Software: ‘The Continuing Adventures of Mark & Greg’ book

Thanks to the massive success of the first BMC Software ‘The Adventures of Mark and Greg’, the BMC Software marketing team decided to do it all again. It was great to bring my characters back to life in a new story. … Read All