Illustrating a coffee table book for The Growth Project

Ripples - book illustrated by Guy Downes

After 12 months of learning and growing as part of The Growth Project, the charity and business leaders involved in the program produced a collection of their thoughts, learnings and advice. These stories were pulled together to create an illustrated … Read All

Cartoons for Canon ‘Change or be left behind’ research

Canon Business Imaging Australia recently released a research report titled: ‘Change or be left behind’. According to Canon, ‘change is something that the majority of Australian businesses strive for yet find difficult to achieve’. The research examined Australian businesses’ approach … Read All

Cartooning for a global PR report

Back in March, I contributed three cartoons to a PR thought leadership report co-ordinated by Craig Pearce and titled: Public relations 2011: issues, insights and ideas. My cartoons supported three of the articles that discussed PR education, PR and CSR and … Read All

Drawing the steepest water slide at sea

If you want to send your pulse racing, Carnival Cruise Lines has the answer: the steepest water slide at sea. Commissioned by Pulse Communications, I was asked to draw an artist impression of the slide for the recent media launch … Read All

What type of digital media consumer are you?

Working with the Edelman Technology PR team in London, I recently illustrated what the types of people using (and not using) digital media may look like. My three fictional cartoon characters accompanied a survey press release by HP PSG on digital media evolution and … Read All

Engineers make it so!

I recently completed a series of 11 original cartoons for the Engineers Australia ‘Make it so’ campaign. My illustrations were based on the notion that engineers and engineering teams ‘make it so’ by listening to what people want and communities … Read All

Cartoons instead of words: Lion Nathan internal presentation

Working with Impact Employee Communications earlier this year, I was commissioned to help turn the content of a ‘word-heavy’ powerpoint presentation (that a Lion Nathan senior executive was giving to a large internal audience) into cartoon strip-style illustrations. The objective was to … Read All

Informatica D.I. Patrol: saving CIOs drowning in data!

About six months ago while at Howorth (an Ogilvy PR company), I was thrown a dream and ‘carte blanche’ illustration brief by Luca Penati and his Ogilvy PR Tech Practice team in San Francisco. I was given the opportunity to humanise and ‘bring … Read All

‘Straight to the core’: Intel processor launch cartoons

To see my full size cartoons on the Intel website, click here. Last year, I illustrated three cartoon strips for the launch of Intel’s Core i7 Processor – a mighty fast processor that delivered an incredible breakthrough in PC performance. Working with … Read All

BMC Software: ‘The Adventures of Mark & Greg’ book

Technology jargon regularly helps people fall asleep. BMC Software recognised that IT language can sometimes have the opposite desired effect when describing campaigns, products or services. So, to remedy this BMC Software crafted two central characters with everyday problems to spearhead a … Read All

Scansoft: Get Sorted brochure

Whilst working at Howorth, Australia’s #1 technology and business communications specialist, I got the great opportunity to pitch some illustration ideas for a Scansoft point-of-sale brochure. It’s aim was to help small business owners understand how productivity applications can streamline operations. As SMB … Read All

Parker & Partners: invite follow up

After the 2007 election when Labor had secured victory, I followed up my initial Parker & Partner Christmas invite illustration with the actual outcome  of the tussle to be ‘The Emperor’. ‘Kevin 07’ had become a reality. This cartoon illustration was posted … Read All